About CARS

CARS stands for Community Approaches to Reducing Sexually Transmitted Diseases. CARS operates with the grant funding help of the National Center of Disease Control, the CDC.

The CARS grant initiative is managed by decade old nonprofit agency and social venture think tank, Capacity Builders Inc. Serving most of the Four Corners’ community with its headquarters being in downtown Farmington (New Mexico), Capacity Builders works diligently to reduce and to someday eliminate teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, and risky sexual behaviors that can place local youth and the overall community at risk of disease and even death. With the proper education and information/fact sharing as well as distribution and access to proper sexual protection and testing access – we believe San Juan County and the Navajo Nation can turn into an HIV and other STD free zone in the very near future with no new cases of STD’s including HIV.

Capacity Builders Inc. is so dedicated to easy access for testing and treatment of STD’s including HIV that it has partnered with local taxi company, Lou Go’s, to give residents a free ride to testing and return transportation…all free of cost!

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