Zero New STD’s and HIV Cases in Northwest New Mexico. Our Mission. IT'S POSSIBLE CARS

Together we can eradicate HIV and STD’s among youth in San Juan County.

It is the goal of CARS, an initiative of Capacity Builder, Inc., and its partners to eradicate HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) in San Juan County and including the Navajo Nation portion in New Mexico. We are accomplishing this through FREE HIV and STD’s testing along with extensive prevention education that discusses transmission myths, realities, and relationship strategies to protect oneself. With the help of our partner, Lou Go’s Taxi, we offer free transport to and from free HIV and other STD testing sites so that early detection can prevent future transmission in addition to helping HIV positive persons access the latest medical aftercare services to either cure or control the disease. This Capacity Builder Inc.’s crucial initiative with the CARS project involves intense work and dedication which is impacting the health and life expectancy of the community in which we serve.

You are Not Alone

Get answers, and hear how others are dealing in the CARS Cares Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Get one-on-one private support from CARS’ health mentors about HIV, AIDS and STDs.

Freaked Out About Getting Tested?

Thomas was too. Watch how he coped.

It’s natural and normal to be scared of being tested for HIV and other STDs, but being tested is critical to staying healthy, and keeping your partners healthy. Watch this short video series to see how Thomas overcomes his anxiety and fears about being tested.

Testing & Free Transportation

Many organizations throughout the area offer free, or reduced cost testing for HIV and other STDs. There’s probably one not too far from you. Whether a site is around the corner or miles away, CARS and our partner Lou Go’s Taxi will get you there FREE! Make your appointment then call Lou Go’s Taxi, 505-324-6568.

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